Introducing My Reviews

First I would like to introduce myself. I am Renee Bell, writer, baker, reader and student. I love reading and writing. I will be doing reviews on all kinds of genres, lengths and age groups. I am active on websites such as Miss Literati (ReneeBellReviews) and Wattpad. I will only be doing completed stories from those websites with permission or request by the author. Other than those, I will be reviewing published stories that you will find at your local library or book store!

You may request for me to do a book review on here or by email (Check the About section for contact info). Most stories will be young adult, as to that’s what catches my attention the most but I will read some adult literature too of course.

My reviews will consist of my thoughts on the story, some spoilers may leak into stories that aren’t the first in their series but I will keep it down. I will focus mostly on characters and story line, the tone of the story and how it was written.


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