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I came to reading THE GREAT GATSBY because of my English teacher.

I was skeptical going into it like a lot of students were. By the end of the book I was one of the few that was in just pure  confusion. My question was; “What was the point of writing this book?” It was a book of day-to-day drama! It was just boring there was nothing new. When I read a book I want something I don’t experience everyday but yet can still relate too.

This book was not interesting even a bit and yet my classmates were all up for it. Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t read it.  Always read a book and make your own opinion about it, don’t take someone’s opinion as the finale word. You may just be part of the majority that loves it, but if you’re like me I highly suggest to check it out of your ‘To Read’ list and move on to the next book on your long list of novels.

There is a few spoilers beyond this point but I’ll keep them to a low.

First few pages were not that eye capturing. It didn’t draw you in like it should and it took several pages to name the main character. Sense you are reading out of his point of view, I had no idea what to imagine and it really edged me on.

After that we are introduced to Tom Buchanan, Daisy Buchanan and Jordan Baker. The two girls, Daisy and Jordan come out very childish while drunk. Now, keep in mind this book is set in 1922 when it was illegal to purchase alcohol and 98 percent of the time the characters are drinking. Tom seems okay at first until they start talking and he comes across as a racist. Not to long after that and into the next chapter you learn he is having an affair.

Now by this time Gatsby – for who the book is named after – has only been mentioned as Nick’s (the main character) neighbor. I began to wonder; “When is he ever going to show?” Well, you do indeed meet Gatsby, who nearly everyone in my class adored. Gatsby though rubbed me wrong, almost more so than the other characters did. He was still stuck on the past, used a certain phrase too much, and had way to many rumors going on about him that were false, but he made them believe some of them. Jay Gatsby wasn’t who everyone thought he was.

Drama built up and tension didn’t. There didn’t seem to be a lead up to the climax and the climax just wasn’t great either. There was so many loose ends and nothing went right.

But that was the point wasn’t it? To show the bad side of the people around us in our everyday lives. It did that for sure, I hated each and every character because of it.

To answer my question from the beginning, the book was to set an example on how horrible life could be but it still went on.

And to make that one student throw it across the room out of disgust. Yeah, thanks F. Scott Fitzgerald.


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