I found this story a while back before I started reviewing and just recently got asked to review it. You can find this short-story on wattpad.com by TomFraust.

I really like this three-part short story by Tom Fraust. It has amazing description, great use of words and has good symbolism and foreshadowing.

In the beginning we are quickly introduced to the boy and the cliff. Description is great and focus on the nature of the cliff.

The boy isn’t like the other kids. He has no friends and seems to have came from a difficult life. When he first meets the girl,  he is skeptical towards her because of how others have treated him in the past. He’s isolated himself from the world at the cliff and everyone in it.

The girl almost seems to be his opposite. She’s curious, rejects isolation and is determined. She stuck with the boy through everything. She handled his skepticism and critisum about her and her work.

The boy and girl’s friendship is amazing and beautiful. They both can see the beauty in the world and will create and tell about it in their future.

There is a lot of symbolism and lessons that can be learned from this story. One of the first lessons is about life, how life isn’t fair even to the innocents. Another is how even though you can see the beauty in the world sometimes the evil can out weigh it, you have to keep those you love close too you.

The tone of the story has a peaceful, almost sad tone to it, but also hope. There was many directions the story could have gone and it took the right turn. It opens your eyes to just how much someone can influence your life.

In the end, a promise that had been made between two kids had been fulfilled despite the obstacles that had been thrown in their way.


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