Sometimes when we are writing, we want to write about something that we’re not really familiar with. This is when a important key to writing comes in, this is research. 

Now in the age of internet you can google just about everything, and as writers we all know just how strange some of our searches will seem. “Where can you hide in New York?”, “what monster may destroy the world?”, “how do you deactivate a bomb?”, “what kind of underwear did kings wear?”. But it’s okay, because it is dedicate to the new world you will be creating! 

Just this week in my English class we have started reading a story called THE YELLOW WALLPAPER, and we have been given the task to write a narrative about someone with a psychological disorder. For some people this may seem easy, as many people could name and describe a handful off the top of their heads but that doesn’t really mean they know everything about it. 

So I’ve done a lot of research this week trying to figure out what to do for mine and how to go about it. I wanted to be as real, detailed and truthful as possible.  Making your readers believe in something rather it really exists or not is a big part of writing and when you have something that is apart of reality you want to give it justice. Make your readers aware of the pros and cons of what you’re writing. But this doesn’t mean to give them just facts and no imagination. 

It’s hard, but as writers we have to balance those two elements, facts and imagination. We have to take the two, push them together, turn them into something inspiring and believable. We have a task, and truthfully it’s probably the reason that a lot of us stay up late and have became coffee addicted maniacs. 

Another thing is we have to know where to find our information. Reading just one article isn’t going to tell you everything you need to know, and let’s be honest. . . There’s a lot of untrustworthy sources out there that we should second guess and doubt. So take your time, get comfy and get to looking because it’s going to take you a while to figure out what your going to include. Take notes and also think of your story and how it may effect it depending on the route you go! 

Maybe this has given you some advice, or just a break from your own heavy searching, but I felt that this topic needed to be discussed as it seems the researching part of writing usually gets over looked. 


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