How Going Back To School Can Affect Your Reading and Writing Life. 

It’s that time of year again. The TV is playing back-to-school adds, the store aisle are packed with binders and Crayola. Most students are dreading going back and wishing for a longer summer and parents can’t wait to get them out of the house. 

As a reader and writer this will effect our shedule to do our favorite hobby. 

As a parent with the kids out of the house the house will be quieter and you probably have a lot more time on your hands not having to deal with hungry and loud children 24/7. 

As a student your free time is taken up by homework, projects and social activity with new and old friends. There isn’t a lot of time to sit down with a good book or notebook to write your next best-seller. 

Being back in school can be a good thing for this too though! A lot of kids in their free time now spend it mostly playing video games, watching tv, or some other activity that has nothing to do with literature. Being in school, teachers and bookworm students will encourage them to explore this field more. 

You also will find people that have different interest than you and suggest new things that you have never thought of before! As a die hard fantasy reader it would probably never cross your mind to look into a pure horror or romance novel but your friend insist you read it and you find a new love or hate! You can broaden your field and find out what you truely love. 

As a writer new and different perspectives give us a lot more options and opportunity in our writing. Your new friend may be your next main character! 

So don’t let it get you down and pull you out of reading and writing! Use it as a tool and opportunity to grow more! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful school year!


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