TALON By Julie Kagawa, Book Review.


TALON book cover by Julie Kagawa.

When it comes to Julie Kagawa I just about squeal with joy, as she’s one of my favorite authors and just so happens to be the best author to get me out of my reading funk. With the book, TALON a new book series currently consisting of three parts, followed by ROGUE and SOLDIER, is a brand new take on dragons.

As always, Kagawa gives great description and hooking mysterious openings. It’s written in four part first person following the characters Ember and Dante Hill, Riley, and Garrett. With as little spoilers has possible, it’s obviously about dragons – judging by the cover here – and has a fresh and unique take on dragons themselves and their social ladders and society. As the reader you quickly learn about the organization Talon, and how they are in charge, its Talon or the highway. Ember and Dante are like any other teenage twins, they have a special bond, but at the same time Ember is stubborn and explosive while Dante is calm and critical.

On the other side, you learn about the private government organization, St.George, that is out kill every dragon none to man. Garrett may seem like the average hottie, but little does anyone know he’s “The Perfect Soldier,” mysterious and strong, Garrett’s mission is to seek and take out the hatchling, but could it really be Ember? Garrett struggles to not lose sight of his mission, and learn how to have fun. He slowly discovers that maybe there’s more than just Sr. George. . . Like surfing and having friends.

Nothing says “mysterious bad boy,” more than Riley, the motorcycle riding rogue with his sights set on Ember. Not only will he not stop to get Ember out of Talon’s corrupt clutches, but there might be more between him and his Firebrand Hatchling.

Julie Kagawa has truly given us another great series to read, with new ideas and great, relatable characters it’s hard to put down! It’ll have you questioning what is really the truth behind Talon and St. George, or his Riley a hoax? And rather or not Garrett and Ember really discover each other’s past Find out, and read TALON! I highly recommend it.


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