How to Write Romance.

     Rather or not your a romance writer or not, you’ve probably been faced with this question before, how do I write romance? Just about everything we read has some kind of element of romance, even if they aren’t in the romance genre. So how do you romance?

For some people, like helpless romantics, romance may come naturally for them. But for writers like myself who much rather write a detailed murdered scene than discuss their own love life, we are just about clueless in the romance apartment. So here’s some things to keep in mind next time you want your characters to get close and personal!



     Its hard to write a successful romance if your characters aren’t likeable. And by likable I don’t mean just nice, I mean relatable and realistic. No one wants to read about someone who’s character is flat and just revolves around the hot boy next door. No! Give your character a purpose, choices, hobbies, and conflicts that readers can relate too. On top of that, your couple to be must make since. They don’t have to be the exact same, but there must be a reasonable reason these characters go together. If not, your romance will struggle and seem forced. 


     There’s nothing more romantic than scenery. Think about it! You’d much prefer a picnic date, looking over at a sunset than a concrete wall right? Romance is all about setting the scene, and it doesn’t always have to be a trail of rose petals. Brush up on your vocabulary, make it vivid and indulge the senses. Romance books are filled with beautiful details and descriptions. If you’re not great at describing the scene, practice with everyday objects and events you experience throughout your day! 


     Just because its romance doesn’t mean you can get away from conflict. Nothing is ever just fun and games, and beautiful dates. Add some drama! Every day we experience conflict, it may be as simple as canceling plans, family problems or unfaithfulness. It is a story after-all, and as the writer you chose rather or not your characters bounce back from the conflict or break up. The conflict can make the story what it is! 

      Be believable and have fun!  

     Above all else, make it believable and have fun with you’re story. Readers will know when something is just to good to be true and will become distracted and less engaged in the story if its not relatable. Also, if your stressing about your characters love life, most likely theirs isn’t going to go well, and it might come off into your writing and on to your readers! Take breaks and enjoy your life. Maybe get caught up in your own romance once in awhile!




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